3 Reasons to  Order DirecTV From Us

​1. It’s the same price — better yet we save you on the cost of installation.
 All of the prices and offers you see online or in the Sunday paper are exactly the same, with one exception.    Our installation is FREE!  (DirecTV.com installation is $26.95.)

2. Better Quality Installation
We not only offer free installation, We have the best technicians in the Twin Cities.  We install sports bars, golf courses, home theaters and many other unique venues. Our technical expertise and experience make us the best. And that means you will get top quality professional installation in your home, apartment or condo as well.  

3. Less Hassle.
It will literally take you less time to call us and order your service than to check out of your shopping cart at DirecTV.com, AND we won’t be constantly upselling you products you don’t want or need, like a DirecTV call center will.

Why the Difference?  
Fair Question. We are locally owned service company. We make our money by word of mouth built on offering superior service.  The one advantage we have is that we can help you decide between the various vendors as we can install them all.

This gives us the independence to offer you our honest opinions on which provider is best for the way you sue TV, without all the corporate rigamarole the multinationals force their call center people to live with.

Because we are local, we also know our fellow employees.  You won’t get lost between sales staff, call center staff and installers.

It’s not that they don’t want to offer you the best service, it is just because they are so big and compartmentalized they just plain lose the personal connection with you.   

So if you want to save money on installation, get what you want without having to survive their incessant upsell pitches and want the installation done quick and correctly, give us a call,   We are The Connected Home