Home theater systems bring Hollywood into your home. But before you start the process of setting up your own in house theater you want to do some basic research.

To start with you want to deal with the audio...

A surround sound system turns a television into a home theater. Without it, you can never approach the audio experience intended by modern-day filmmakers (or even some filmmakers from the 1950s). Sure, your HDTV can probably fake surround, but it's not going to sound like the real thing.
That real thing requires a receiver (sometimes called an amplifier), and several speakers.
can buy everything in a single package, or get the receiver separately from the speakers (you should purchase the speakers together). You'll get a better deal if you buy everything in one package, although hardcore audiophiles usually prefer to buy them separately.

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So why did we start with Audio?

It is amazing when you think about all the sophisticated display technology that goes into a modern flat-screen TV. And then you get two tinny, 10-watt speakers to go with it. That's fine for TV sitcoms, but it won't cut it for movie effects and soundtracks.
That's why you want a separate sound system. I'll run through your best options from cheap to expensive. The good news: Even the least-expensive options will dramatically improve the sound of your new TV.
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There are a lot of resources you can look to including this website by About Tech: Basics and EssentialsHome theater is an exciting entertainment option provides the consumer with exciting viewing and listening experience. The following home theater basics and essentials section is a good starting point on how to understand and set up your own home theater.
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