​Internet Service:

The Connected Home is an authorized sales agent for CenturyLink® High-Speed Internet. We can help you identify the connection speed that meets your needs for a competitive price:

Century Link Internet Minneapolis, St Paul or elsewhere in Minnesota can be a spotty thing.  At the Connected Home, we can help you identify the level of service available where you live or work and help you determine whether or not it is your best option for internet based on your needs.

Where it is available, Century Link can offer tremendous speeds which is a huge asset if you are a business and or an active gamer or have multiple users within your household.

One added benefit with Century Link is the included Norton AntiVirus backup.

The big issue for many is its availability which is still spotty within the Twin Cities metro area.  Give us a call at 612-424-8483 to see what level of service is available to you.

Phone Service:

The Connected Home is an authorized sales agent for CenturyLink® Home Phone service. For a competitive price, get unlimited local calling and your choice of eight features, including call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail.

CenturyLink® Home Phone also offers domestic long-distance options. CenturyLink® Plan Latino allows you to make international calls to most Latin American countries. 

While many people have given up their land lines for their cells, there are still many others who prefer to keep their land lines for voice clarity and other reasons.  For these people, Century Link offers many features and benefits. We can help you set up and understand your phone service as well as explore other options with you as well.

The Connected Home is About - Choice!

More than anything else, what The Connected Home offers people is a choice. We work with all the major providers. The service we provide is honest advice to users to help them break through the marketing Mumbo Jumble, and bored employees working in the majors call centers intent on meeting up selling quotas.

Available services vary by location. As such, we can first identify which options are available to you and then help you understand your options.  At this point, the key is to understand how you will be using your service(s.)  Are you a gamer, needing tons of bandwidth? Or do you merely want to follow the family on facebook from time to time. These differences in use patterns are key to understanding how to get the best options for your money.