Get Help Choosing the Best Packages When Signing Up for Comcast Xfinity Service.

Whether you have just moved or are about to, or perhaps it is time to make the switch to Comcast's Xfinity Service, you will need to make some choices.

You have two choices before you make your call. Do you want to talk to an anonymous voice in one of Comcast's Calling whose paycheck may well depend upon how well he or she can upsell you - or - do you want honest advice on the content and price option available to you from an impartial source.

And what if a third choice might be even better for you.  There are alternatives to Xfinity that may be more appropriate, depending on where you live.  Would you like to know of better options if they exist?

Sure you would. As long as it was simple, honest and accurate.

And that is just what The Connected Home offers to Minneapolis, St Paul and all Minnesota residents.

The Connected Home is an independent authorized reseller for all the major TV and Internet service providers in the area.  We get paid by the vendor, not you when you sign up for service. That means we are free to suggest a better alternative if we think it will better met your needs and interests.

And how do we do that? We listen...to you.  And as we do, we are in a position to help you choose not only the best service for your needs, but also the best packages.

We have built our reputation on our honest effort to serve our clients fairly and impartially. We consider that our USP or unique selling proposition, other marketers refer to.  Imagine that, trying to build a business on offering people honest advice.

We know signing up for TV and Internet packages can be confusing. It can be difficult comparing apples to oranges.And that is where we excel.

So if it is time for you to sign up for new TV or Internet service or both, give us a call. 612-424-8483