Cable and internet services for your home are necessary in the 21st century. However, they can be quite costly. It seems like cable companies are constantly adding new fees and raising your bill virtually every month. Almost nothing appears to be included in the initial price. To make matters worse, many providers tend to only offer better pricing to current customers who agree to sign a two year or longer contract. Many people believe the only option is to ditch cable television altogether and subscribe to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. You do have another option; however, it means leaving your comfort zone and switching providers.

Shop Around

The key to making sure you are getting the best price for your cable and internet services is to shop around. Call other local providers to determine what they offer for new subscribers. Compare prices not just for the first payment, but also for payments you will make a year and even two or three years later. Make sure the introductory offer is not excessively discounted to the point that you will experience sticker shock after the promotional period ends.

When shopping around, make sure you are getting the channels you and your family actually watch. Some of the newer providers do not have contracts with all of the available cable channels, thereby cutting out some sports, children’s, or other specialty channels. In doing so, these providers can actually cost you more money in the long run.

Do not be afraid to not only ask questions, but also to make the change. You know your television watching habits and your budget better than anyone else does. If you are with a provider that does not meet either of these needs, do not be afraid to switch to a new carrier. The worst that may happen is that you will be unhappy and switch back to your original provider.

Promotional Offers

Many service providers want your business and will offer special pricing for you to become a new customer. These promotional offers are not offered to existing clients. Rather, they are designed to entice potential new customers to try their services. These are often rates the new customers will receive for one to two years and may include free premium channels or reduced bundled services. Many times, once the new client tries the services and realizes they prefer it, they will often be able to negotiate lower rates going forward. This is because they were able to take advantage of a promotional offer from the beginning.

If you are in the market to save money on your cable provider, contact the experts at The Connected Home at (612) 424-8483. Their technicians and customer service representatives can help you find the best services to help your family stay connected – and save a little money as well.