At the Connected Home, we have the opportunity to help people save money and get their best and most appropriate choice of Internet, phone, television and security services. As an authorized representative of all the areas services, we can offer our services for free which certainly helps in their appreciation. But more importantly, we make recommendations based on what is your best interest, and not that which gives us the best return. Because frankly, that would cost us in the long run.  Any individual installation is not going to make or break out monthly sales report.

The bottom line for us is providing an honest and competent service to our customers, and that is why we post customer reviews right on our website.

You will notice that these are recent reviews, posted not on our site but on Google and Yelp! We have a widget on our site that pulls these reviews off Google and Yelp! and posts what people have actually said. As you can see not everyone gives us 5 stars, although we certainly strive to provide 5 star service each and every time.

Now we do actively encourage people to leave reviews with a service called Reppilot which includes the widget we use to post the results. But we offer no incentive to get good reviews.

​When you need to connect to cable, the internet, install satellite tv or even just a new land line, call upon us, We can help you install new service or switch to a more economical vendor if that is your desire.