Northfield City Council approved an agreement for an new ISP, MetroNet, to begin building a broadband network for fiber optic internet, TV and phone service throughout the town. The network is expected to reach more than 85% of the town and will be either underground or on existing utility poles.

When complete, the network will offer residents of Northfield another option for television, internet and telephone service. MetroNet is installing a new fiber-optic network to bring all residents city-wide, high-speed internet service. The network is expected to offer reliable and consistent internet speeds, making it an upgrade over existing services.

“I think the network is a win-win for the residents of Northfield,” said Michael Cook, a resident and realtor in Northfield. “It offers another alternative for internet and telephone service, and it’s a less expensive option for the other services offered by MetroNet. I think a fiber-optic network will be a major benefit for Northfield, helping to attract more businesses to our community.”