Why Order DirecTV with Us?
Why is it better to order DirecTV through us, than say, DirecTV.com or a call center?

  1. It’s the same priceAll of the prices and offers you see online or in the Sunday paper are exactly the same, with one exception.  Our installation is FREE! (DirecTV.com installation is $26.95.)
  2. Installation Expertise. We have the best technicians in the Twin Cities. We install sports bars, golf courses, home theaters and many other unique venues. Our technical expertise and experience make us the best.
  3. Less Hassle. It will literally take you less time to call us and order your service than to check out of your shopping cart at DirecTV.com, AND we won’t be constantly upselling you products you don’t want or need, like a DirecTV call center will.
  4. Source: http://www.theconnectedhomemn.com/

When You Want it Done Right Call The Connected Home

Trees matter, weather matters, but very much less so, when your satellite dish is properly mounted. Our technicians are experts and take pride in their work.  When you call our team for installation, you will get a system that is properly and well mounted and accurately aimed at the satellite for optimal reception.

It is one thing to aim the dish at the satellite, it is another to do so with precision.

The Connected Home team, not only aligns your dish accurately is installs it firmly to your building. Thus it is less likely to need future adjustments due to wind or other factors.