There are numerous options to make sure your home is connected. You can obtain telephone, internet,

television, and even security services. In fact, most television service providers also offer each of these

other connectivity options for your home. You may be tempted to price everything out individually to

obtain the best price per service. In reality, you will likely find that ordering this service from the same

provider can make the entire package much more affordable. However, there are key points to

remember when bundling services.

Contract or Month to Month

First, you need to decide where your comfort level lies. Many of these bundling packages are cheaper

when a contract is signed. This is because customers are guaranteed to stick around for an extended

period of time. Most contracts are two years in length. Barring any unforeseeable circumstances, such

as a move or death, a fee will be charged if you cancel the contract early. However, by agreeing to this

contract, you will often receive added benefits, such as free premium channels, free installation, or even

a free month or two of services. Choosing to forego the contract does not indicate the bundle will not

save money, but may indicate freebies will not be given.

More Than You Need

The more services you bundle, the cheaper the package will be. Companies would rather guarantee that

you are giving them all of your business than risk losing you to a competitor. As a result, some of the

best priced packages offer more services than most people need or want. Many bundles include

internet, television, and telephone. In the age of increased cellular usage, most people do not wish to

have a home telephone. However, by agreeing to keep the landline, you may actually pay less per

month than if you purchased just television and internet. Be prepared to agree to more than you may

need or want to get better overall pricing. The added benefit is that if you decide you want to have the

service down the line, it is already built in. Agreeing to add the telephone service does not mean you

need to attach it to an actual phone. It simply means the line is there is you should choose to utilize it in

the future.

Bundling will almost always save you time and money, keeping your services in a neat billing package

that keeps you and your service provider happy. However, it is still important to price out each provider

to find the best price for your service needs. Using a company that works as a broker for these types of

service may be in your best interest. These companies do the legwork for you, giving you the pricing

from different providers to help you choose the best fit for your family. If you are shopping for service

providers for your home to make sure you are connected, contact the experts at The Connected Home

at (612) 424-8483. They will gladly help you find the best company for your needs and budget.