• The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself to help save energy. You can control it from anywhere with the Nest app. With seven different ring colors, it fits in with any home. The Nest Learning Thermostat works with the Nest Temperature Sensor to give you the right temperature, right where you want it (sold separately).
  • Nest can help you bring the right temperature to the right places in your homes with the Nest Temperature Sensor. Requires a 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat or a Nest Thermostat E.
  • Saving energy is easy with the Nest Thermostat E. Its simple design blends into the background. You can control it with the Nest app. With a Nest Temperature Sensor, you can get the right temperature where you want it. (Sold separately.)
  • Nest Hello lets you know who’s there, so you never miss a visitor or a package. Requires a wired doorbell, chime, and a 16-24VAC, 10VA transformer. Professional installation recommended.
  • The Nest Secure alarm system helps keep your home safe. You can tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard to arm and disarm the alarm – no passcode needed. The Nest Detect sensors know when doors and windows open or when someone’s in a room. And with the free Nest app, you'll always know what’s happening at home. Mobile notifications require working internet and Wi-Fi, or cellular backup (sold separately).
  • Stick Nest Detect on a window and you'll will know when it opens. Stick it on a wall and it senses motion in a room. Stick it on a door and it can do both. With Quiet Open, your can open a door while the house is armed without setting off the alarm. Requires a Nest Secure alarm system starter pack.
  • Just tag in and out on Nest Guard. Put one on your keychain. Give one to people you trust. Set a schedule to let people in at certain times. It’s water resistant and drop-proof. Lost key fobs can easily be disabled in the Nest app. Requires a Nest Secure alarm system starter pack.
  • Nest Connect works with the Nest Secure alarm system. It keeps Nest Guard and Nest Detect connected when they’re placed far apart, especially in larger homes. And with battery backup, Nest Secure stays up and running when power goes out. Requires Nest Secure.
  • The Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm looks for both fast and slow burning fires. It can alert your phone and tell you where the danger is. And it lets you hush a false alarm with your phone.
  • This secure, tamper-proof, key-free deadbolt connects to the Nest app. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere. Give passcodes to guests. Lock and check your door status with your voice using the Google Assistant. And get alerts whenever someone comes and goes. This package comes with the required Nest Connect.
  • Nest Cam Indoor security camera allows you to monitor your home on your smartphone. You can securely stream video in 1080p HD, zoom in for a closer look, talk and listen through the camera, and even see in the dark. If there’s motion or noise, the camera sends an alert to your phone. 24/7 live streaming and quick, easy setup. No dead batteries. This is what an indoor security camera should be.
  • Nest Cam IQ Indoor Camera

    Nest Cam IQ is a sharper way to look after your home, with Supersight and intelligent algorithms that can tell a person from a thing. The built-in Google Assistant helps manage tasks and answer questions.