The Connected Home is Minnesota’s Comcast Store. We can help you get set up with Comcast quickly and at the best possible rates.  But more than that, we can help you compare Comcast’s pricing with each of your available options.

You see, we are more than a Comcast Store, we are The Connected Home and we offer access to all the local TV and Internet carriers including Century LinkFrontierDish TV and DirecTV.

That is what makes us different – and – better.

We can help you cut through the marketing crap and get the best deal for the way your use TV and/or the Internet.

We also can hook you up wherever you are in Minnesota, in the Twin Cities, out state or at your cabin. Now not every service is everywhere, but we are – and we have you covered.

If you are in the Twin Cities, we invite you to visit our office and see our grand experiment.

The Experiment.  
We set up two identical TVs, with the same settings, to compare Comcast, DIRECTV and SlingTV.

Here at our retail store on Minnehaha Ave we thought it would be fun to set up a few different TV services, and do some side by side comparisons for ourselves.  It would also give our customers a chance to look and play with different systems when they came into the office.
We set up a Comcast X1 HD box, a DirecTV Genie and a RoKu Player with SlingTV and Netflix.   We might also set up DISH TV and Centurylink PRISM in the coming weeks if our customers want to compare those services.
Its hard to say if one is “better” than the other, but each has their own pros and cons, that will appeal different customers.
Want to check them out and compare them?  Come down to our store, and you can play with the remotes and give them the “eyeball” test yourself.  From our website:


Want to know what’s even better about our services?  They are free. We act as representatives of all the carriers and get paid by them, not you when you decide on who to use. That free’s us up to give you top level support and honest advice so you know your options. Then we take care of the set up details making it as easy as possible for you.

Call us at 612-424-8483  and let us save you time and effort getting hooked up at the best possible price to the service that will best meet your needs.