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High-Speed Internet Service Offers in New Ulm, MN

Of all the Internet service providers available in New Ulm, MN, Xfinity Internet from Comcast comes out on top. While these Internet plans focus on important metrics like speed, it is important to note that exact speed will vary depending on your specific location. 

Each internet service provider (ISP) varies by speeds, plan pricing, data caps, contract requirements, and more. View our internet plans below for a quick overview of each Comcast’s pricing, speeds, and data cap info for service that is available in New Ulm.

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New Ulm Internet Plans

New Ulm Xfinity Plans & Pricing (2024)

PlanStarting PriceSpeedsType of InternetGet Started
Performance Starter+$19.99Up to 25 MbpsCableSign Up
Performance Select$34.99Up to 100 MbpsCableSign Up
Performance Pro+$49.99Up to 200 MbpsCableSign Up
Blast! Pro+$64.99Up to 300 MbpsCableSign Up
Extreme Pro+$74.99Up to 600 MbpsCableSign Up
Gigabit$84.99Up to 1000 MbpsFiberSign Up

What sort of internet speeds can you expect from Comcast in New Ulm?

Even though New Ulm is a smaller city, Comcast brings some of the fastest internet speeds that you would otherwise see in large metro communities. There is no shortage of accessible high-speed internet in New Ulm by Comcast.

Here’s a quick view at some of your options:

Performance Starter+

Performance Starter+ is the base internet package provided by Xfinity in New Ulm. This speed is good for 1-2 devices at a time for light streaming, internet browsing and gaming. This package includes 1.2TB of data per month.

Performance Select

Looking for some more streaming, users and devices? Performance Select is the next step up internet packages. This speed is good for 4-5 devices at a time for medium streaming, internet browsing and gaming. This package includes 1.2TB of data per month.

Performance Pro+

The Performance Pro+ Xfinity internet package is for families of four that are looking for consistently reliable speed when everyone in the house is on a computer, TV stream, or gaming session. Pro+ is excellent for up to eight devices connected at once without major speed issues.

Extreme Pro+

For the most extreme package outside of Gigbit internet speeds, Comcast’s Extreme Pro+ is the ideal internet solution for larger families that demand the best internet at home. Perfectly suitable for the home business, and a large family filled with gamers, streamers and YouTubers that are looking to receive some of the fastest internet speeds available in Minnesota.

Xfinity Coverage in New Ulm, MN

Map of New Ulm, MN by the FCC showing the coverage Xfinity Internet

Cheapest Plans

To simplify the process, The Connected home can check for other internet providers near you to find the best price. Best of all, our service is no charge to you. Internet plans and pricing vary by the provider, by the current promotion they’re running, and whether or not your internet is bundled with other packages such as TV, home security, or home phone.

  • The Hidden Costs: Prices do not include any lease modem fees or taxes. You may purchase your own modem to reduce your monthly fees, to discover great modem options read here.
  • Rule of Thumb: Always add 10% to any total you see for any potential sales tax. As of 2021, Minnesota has some of the highest sales taxes applicable to cable, or broadband internet services.
  • Internet Speeds: As you increase your Mbps download speeds, you can expect an increase in the monthly price. There is no formula for the cost per Mbps, but it can range from as inexpensive as $.10 per Mbps to as expensive as $1.00 per Mbps.

The cheapest Xfinity internet in New Ulm is Performance Starter+

Xfinity’s Starter Performance package of 25 Mbps for $24.99 is the least expensive internet option in New Ulm from Comcast.

If you need more information concerning any specifics of New Ulm internet services around you, contact The Connected Home.

The fastest Xfinity internet plan in New Ulm is Gigabit

As of this writing, Xfinity offers internet speeds up to 1 Gig via their fiber internet service. You do not need to go that fast unless you’re running a home business with multiple users on phone systems, and workstations. For the average home user with 3-4 devices connected at all times, Xfinity’s Performance Pro+ Internet with speeds up to 200 Mbps for only $49.99/month with a twelve-month commitment is your best option.

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