Enjoy Rio the Most in Minnesota via Comcast's X1 Service

Olympics fans should be lining up to get access to Comcast Xfinity's X1 service. In the Minneapolis St Paul area, your best bet is to contact The Connected Home who are authorized Comcast Store and can cut through the clutter and confusion you still sometimes get with Comcast's own Call Centers.
The big advantage Comcast now has its its amazing X1 service which fits right into today consumers viewing habits.  With X1, you will be able to tailor your Olympics to the sports, countries and athletes you may be most interested in.

How Comcast created the ultimate Rio Olympics viewing experience for X1 customers | Entertainment | The Drum

... Strauss noted that the way people are consuming content has fundamentally changed –“people want what they want when they want it” – and Comcast has worked hard to meet new consumer demand and habits. Time shifting is a real phenomenon: 90 per cent of X1 customers use on demand every month, and nearly 50 per cent of all TV households have DVRs. Still, sports and other live events have been mostly immune to these trends, and with the Olympics capturing viewers attention for 17 straight days, Comcast saw a great opportunity to experiment with new features that would provide additional value to viewers during the Games, and also, as Strauss suggested, could be productized beyond the Olympics.

During this particular Olympics, “there will be more live coverage by lunch on the first day than the entire 17 days of the Atlanta Olympics combined,” Strauss said. Taking all of that coverage, then, and presenting it to viewers in a way that is organized and accessible would be no easy task, especially when “you step back and look at how people are watching television now: they’re choosing the platform and then the content.”


Olympics in 4K Ultra HD on DirecTV, Dish, Comcast | Variety

Comcast will prominently featuring the Rio Games on its X1 connected set-top platform, delivering all 4,500 hours of NBC Olympics programming — including events being streamed over the Internet — to customers on TV. The cable operator’s Olympics menu on X1 will display live events currently available, provide access to on-screen info with news and stats, and let viewers select their favorite athletes, events and countries to get alerts.

 Summer Olympic Games With Comcast | FOX New Mexico

“This year, if you’re a Comcast X1 customer, the ability to customize your experience, watch the events you want, when you want to watch them, is unparalleled coverage,” said Dunkeson.

Going further into detail about the new X1 features, Dunkeson highlights, “We’ve got a lot of new features this year; one of my favorites is the ‘Featured Nations App’, which allows you to sort what you want to watch by nation. You can also sort by sport or by athlete, and this is a great way to keep track of what’s going on with Team USA.”

Also available are quick medal counts and stats, remote control voice commands along with thousands of hours of content from this year’s event along with featured content from past Olympics.

 Comcast's Rio portal is a good way to keep up with the Olympics

The Road to Rio homepage is accessible through the main menu that X1 customers already use. You can find live events to watch directly from there or you can search by athlete, sport and nation. What's more, you'll be able to add these people, teams and countries to a favorites list so you can more easily keep track of them -- not unlike a browser bookmark. Conversely, if you're just casually following the games and want to see nothing but the highlights, the platform will push "Must See Moments" notifications throughout the day whenever a marquee event is happening. You'll have to opt in for this feature, either through the NBC Sports App or through the Rio portal.

Comcast isn't just providing an easier way to find the events you want to follow -- it's also giving viewers tons of information about what is happening onscreen. Comcast's development team combed through millions of pieces of data about the games and their participants and integrated them into the broadcast. Users can instantly pull up leaderboards, gold medal counts, athlete trivia and a host of other informational tidbits. These will display on screen next to the broadcast.

This may well be a watershed year for Comcast and the Olympics.  It has invested heavily in its interactive X1 Service.  The Olympic games with their multitude of simultaneous events is the perfect event to show the flexibility this system has.

Now we do not want to underplay the efforts by the satellite providers who are also going all out for this years event. But when it comes to offering the greatest diversity of coverage in the easiest to access format, we think Comcast is the right choice for the True Olympic fan. If that's you, you really should give us a quick call  while we can still get you set up in advance of the games.

If the Olympics are not you cup of tea, give us a call anyway, We can help you decide which service is best for the type of internet, TV and phone and home security needs that you have.

We are The Connected Home and can help you choose the best option for your needs, whatever they are.