The Connected Home can help you access Frontier Internet if it is available in your area.

The Connected Home represents many different ISPs as well as TV providers in Minnesota. Each provider has its own service area and as such, we often are limited by our customers location.

So our first step is to determine which services are available at your address.  In Minnesota, many of our rural and suburban communities have access to Frontier Communications services.

The Connected Home will help you get Frontier Internet Minnesota

Frontier offers phone, TV and internet access.

Among the benefits they offer are a no contract service. As they say in the promotional material, they are confident that you will love their service. No signature is needed.  Compare that to others vendors, some of whom need a two year commitment.

Speaking of two years, they also offer a price guarantee for a full two years.

Plus they offer a free router, saving you the expense or even worse the rental charges some cable providers gouge their customers on.

And in terms of quality of service, they offer a dedicated connection. That results in more speed for you vs. shared connections that bog down when too many of your neighbors are online the same time you are.


Get a Frontier Landline

Many people have given up their landlines. but if and when you have an emergency, a landline can be a lifesaver. Frontier's home phone service is reliable and can be used to connect to your security system. Better yet, the voice quality is clear, which makes it easier to hear, especially for persons with less than 100% hearing.

Inexpensive on its own, it is a true bargain when packaged with  internet service.


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Frontier Means Business

Frontier Means BusinessWhen you choose Frontier, you never have to worry about connecting with clients. You get Internet that's reliably fast and phones with a steady, crystal-clear connection. Here's more of what Frontier can offer your small business:

  • Multiple Wi-Fi networks for private use or customers'
  • Intuitive phone features, with up to 12 lines
  • Private data lines on lightning-fast Internet
  • Unlimited Cloud backup

Get a competitive advantage today with Frontier Internet.

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