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Vantage™ TV by Frontier

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  • Whole Home DVR
  • Watch on your TV, laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • Wireless Set-Top Box
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Vantage™ Internet

Download speeds up to 115 Mbps

  • Free Wi-Fi Router
  • 1 Year Price Lock
  • No Phone Line Required
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Vantage™ Triple Play

Over 310+ digital channels

  • Up to 115 Mbps Download Speeds
  • Free Router Included & DVR
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
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 Frontier delivers you the value you want!

Free Wi-Fi Router

We don’t charge you a modem rental fee, and there is no upfront cost for our Wi-Fi Router!

2-Year Price Lock

Avoid outrageous price hikes from other Internet plans—get rewarded for staying instead.

No Contract Plans

We know life changes, and we don’t want to lock you into a contract that doesn’t fit your family.


The Vantage™ Difference

Why a Vantage™ network connection is more efficient than cable

The speed and strength of your Internet connection depends on several factors, but most crucial is how your Internet provider installs your connection from the node to your home—a stretch oftenr referred to as the “last mile” of the network.

How cable wires the last mile – With cable, the connection to your home is made from copper wiring, which burns data off as heat the further you get from the node. That means the weakest, slowest point of a cable connection is when it enters your home.

How Vantage™ from Frontier wires the last mile – With Frontier, the connection to your home is 100% fiber optic like the rest of the FiOS network. The micro strands of glass that make up fiber-optic lines transmit data in pulses of light, which have an exponentially higher capacity for speed than cable.

What the Vantage™ network gives you that cable doesn’t

Speed Vantage™ Speeds

Today Vantage™ Internet speeds run as fast as 500Mbps in some areas. And with Frontier, the Vantage™ upload speeds you get in your package will always match the Vantage™ download speed, so you have better experience with real-time apps like gaming and video chat.

wifi More Bandwidth

Per strand, fiber-optic lines can carry more data than copper. Unlike cable, a Vantage™ network connection won’t get choked at the node but instead will efficiently redirect to your home, leaving ample room for the many devices and Internet users trying to maintain an Internet connection.

power High Reliability

Thanks to the efficiency and speed of fiber-optic lines, the Vantage™ network delivers 99.9% uptime. That means a connection that’s responsive and reliable for 99.9% of the time you spend streaming, gaming, and doing other online activities. That’s something cable can’t offer.

Choose your favorite Frontier Services.

Frontier Vantage™ Internet


Frontier Home Phone

Choose Frontier as your home phone provider as well as your Internet service provider. With Frontier home phone, your calls will be so clear, you’ll swear you were talking to someone in the same room. You’ll get unlimited local calling and have the option to include unlimited nationwide calling. You’ll also get call waiting, call forwarding, and tons of other great calling features you’ve come to expect from a high-quality phone provider like Frontier.

Frontier Vantage™ TV

Frontier Vantage™ TV gives you entertainment where you need it most – at home. Enjoy HD channels, Video On Demand, premium movies and oh yeah – outstanding options like a HD Whole Home DVR.